Remember the episode “Gone but still here?” That occurred sometime after this episode.

So I returned to my life, Uncle Crusher who had transformed into boyfriend(there is another story behind this we will see later) by this time, travelled after spending some weeks with me. Some crazy weeks they were.

During his trip, he stopped by my mother’s place and gave me feedback which wasn’t pleasant about her health.

On hearing this news, I applied for a casual Leave at work and travelled home.

I was home for about a week, it was sort of a full house, maternal grandma was home also.

Ops did I fail to tell you about my mum’s 50th birthday party that happened about 5months prior? Uncle ex had not absconded at the time of this party. He was however “forming serious” with me. He just said he wasn’t going for it and never even sent down a gift. My sibling, family, friends and I however threw her a party and it is one I am glad we did.

I remember only one other birthday party done for my mum. It was her 30th. We celebrated it at a beach. Dad was still alive, I recall his big Cannon camera he used to “suffer” us to carry! Lol. I was about 8 years of age. Friends and family did represent well, pictures from that day still lurk around to remind me that the good days were far more than the bad.

So back to mum’s 50th, I and a girlfriend took to the road on the same day of the occasion, we boarded a “reputable” transport company’s bus only for the bus to break down after about an hour and a half travelling with about 4 hours left to travel. Their solution was that we should wait for another bus to come from Base (one and a half hour away)!

Well we decided to enter “along”. Along means standing by the roadside and flagging down motorist with the intention to pay little or no fares. Well we paid little fares, and were able to get to the occasion before it started.

Mum was so glad to see me, I remember that welcome hug, how can I ever forget it? Friends and family were all about cooking, grandma was supervising. Yes grandma supervised until she mistakenly turned over the pot of “Ogbolo” soup.

You need to see how granny wept over the spilled soup, mum rather than comfort her teased her saying “When you will not rest how won’t soup pour”. Grandma is a Gee, you can’t be hungry where she is, she literally says “When you see me, you see food!”

This casual leave, though just a week, was very busy. Remember Pastor 2? Well it’s Pastor 1 that featured here, and I see I still haven’t told his story. Oh, I remember something very interesting also did happen, something I won’t ever forget, but this episode needs to end here already……………

Next Wednesday is another episode, it’s also my year marking day AKA birthday. I feel old, but I am grateful that as I mark this birthday this year, a lot of progress have I made since last year and a great number of things to be thankful of!

Instagram: @mysurrogatetwins, astrongnigerianwoman2
Twitter:@mysurrogatetwin, A Strong Nigerian Woman

With all the stay at home laws to prevent coronavirus, soon this will be the new pandemonium.

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