Bliss Adventures 3

Were you expecting he would confront us at the car park?

Well, you thought wrong, as Uncle ex simply stood by his car and watched us drive away in our better model of a car, he then texts me words similar to this; “responsible women pray and fast and wait for their husbands to return no matter how many years, just a few months and you are moving on”.

Did I tell you about the time I was still praying and fasting for his return and was in his town for a miracle pastor service and saw him drive past me happily gisting with guys in his car while I was on a bike mid service to go withdraw 5k which I intended to drop as a seed offering?

The Pastor was someone he introduced me to, and we had attended his weekday gatherings a few time (he had not started Sunday services yet).

So I used to come to town once a week for prayers, na there I dey always wonder why I never fell under the anointing even when pushed slightly by the pastor.

My romance with this Pastor ended when he asked me for a loan to add to the money he wanted to use to buy church land.

Anyway, na so I crash all attempts or dreams of reconciling with Uncle Ex.

Na next Wednesday you go see another tori from my weird beautiful life, before ‘I come and go and kill myself’ trying to meet up a daily target!

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