Friends Were Once Strangers

The way I meet people ehm.
So I was driving to church alone one Sunday, in the midst of one recent issue I had that was suppose to weigh me down. But God pass devil, I saw this fine sisi  on the way with a cake, dressed for church. And I know how it used to pain me when I dey find public transport to church and other church looking people especially women with the Christian head gear drive past me and I am like, no be same God we dey serve?

No mind the Jeep hype oh

Anyway I stop beside Esther and offer her a ride to her bus stop if along my way. As it turned out, we were even going to the same church.
Na em gist start. So we talk reach my babies who were still in the womb and many more.
While a few of my long time friends were unable to make my naming party, Esther not only made it and stayed long, she came with this delicious cake.
Isn’t she a darling? Please patronise her. Her number is on the photo, please tell her you learnt about her from this page ok? I have already booked my birthday cake from her, it’s my month already after all.
Happy new month peeps.

Wonderful Surprise it was

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