Few months of bliss

Days turned to weeks and weeks to months, I was having the time of my life. Strolls and gists and being checked on.

I was taught how to drive, something I had pestered Uncle Ex to teach me for years only for him to reply “what do you need it for?” He made one attempt to teach it to me and never made a second.

The accommodation I moved into during the separation saga was a single room attached to a main house, I shared a restroom with the main house which I could not access at night or early mornings. So I and my guest sometimes had our bath outside.

One down side of being separated was that certain low lives became courageous enough to ask me out. The one that made me say to myself, “Judith see your life”, was when Balogun a uneducated man about 60 years of age, a low cadre staff at work, well we called him the “greaser” asked me out through Mr Stephen!

By greaser, it meant that his job was to oil machinery with thick grease. This meant that his overall was always stained. He also had a wife and grandchildren.

The messenger who delivered that insulting message got his earful, yet that did not stop him from trying to introduce me to someone he labelled as “MD’S driver.”

What a time those days were!

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