Next Chapter

This next chapter is rather emotional and hurts to write about.

During my last visit to the Synagogue, I got reacquainted with a childhood family friend of mine. We had been friends since I was 13. He was the first guy to ever try asking me out(minus a neighbour who wrote me a letter which I made grammatical corrections on and sent back to him).

He was 17. No we didn’t date then. He wrote me a few letters while in boarding school that got the senior boarding house mistress to punish me(as our mails were usually read).

We moved on to different universities, but kept in touch over the years. Theirs was the accommodation i used at my last Synagogue visit when I was privileged to see uncle ex’s Facebook escapades.

Oh well, on returning to my Base, he says to me “let me come visit you at your station and help you take your mind away from uncle ex.”

Happy Sunday peeps. Sorry my writings had been scanty recently. I was very busy in school, then to crown it up, I became a first time mother of twins during the last week.

Motherhood is nothing I can describe. I am gratefully overwhelmed. And I pray everyone expecting this miracle gets to feel this joy I am feeling today.

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