Enters the “Man of God”

Oh well, My body is the Temple of God isn’t it?

Pardon my inconsistencies my accurate viewers, lol.

As I was writing before life interrupted, eventually at about 4pm when everyone had gotten exhausted with hours of church ceremony (how did I cope then? My church services nowadays are one and a half hour), the much expected guest appears on stage.

He preaches a little then starts laying of hands and giving prophecies. Needless to say it never got to my turn.

I nonetheless kept praying so intensely if by chance the violent would take her miracle by force.

My violent prayer gets me noticed by an usher who probably thought I was manifesting an evil spirit and sets me aside, I thought she would lead me straight to the MOG. I had no such luck.

Well when the manifestations didn’t transcend into “legion” speaking through me, I was directed back to my seat.

When I was younger I used to be baffled when a whole church fell during an anointing service and I remained standing. Now I don’t bother about such.

Anyway, na so service come end and I went home totally discouraged. Not so totally though as I still visited that church with a sick relative weeks later, I really still believed the cousin of mine could receive her healing.

That service we were outside under canopies and at least got to receive a touch from the “wiseman” as they address their lesser pastors.

Oh I also bought anointing water in that church before I left. 5k for one smallest size perfume bottle size. I would tell you the exploits I did with that water some other time.

Ok, I don try. I gat books to read.

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