I am Still alive. Lol

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@mrsangelaoverton People wonder why I am a little, no very weird. I think to myself, if they have had to loose 8 pregnancies back to back, love 8 human beings and never got to hold them oh I get to hold them when they are given to me to bury. I couldn't bear to see my last angel nor bury him or her, never got to know their sexes or buy them a baby sock. Oh I bought for the first angel. But since then, I have been so fearful in every pregnancy, too fearful to commit into buying. How can anyone who didn't go through 8 evacuations to abort 8 babies they hoped they birthed understand? Oh I remember one pregnancy, I was told I lost it so was evacuated, a week later baby was still seen in the scan though not alive, maybe it was a twin pregnancy? I can never tell. So I return to the first hospital and request medical evacuation as I was too scared to have a second evacuation for the same pregnancy. Oh well I got my wish but eventually I had to still do that second evacuation. Evacuations were like the days I became born again. I repent of my sins before I am sedated to sleep. I had learned to reject unsedated evacuations as the pain is something else and I wonder how some single women willingly evacuate regularly. I don't know what I am even aiming at with this write up, but I do know someone needed to know they are not alone nor paranoid. #infertility #miscarriage #fertility #ttc #ivf #surrogacy #childbirth #pregnancy #pregnancyloss #baby #babies #lgbt #cutie #surrogate #nigeria #toddler #kids #completefamilies #motherhood #mother #parenting #unexplainedinfertility #infertilitywarrior #childbearing #twins #rainbowbaby #infertilitysupport #support #supportgroup #divorce

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Catch you guys later. Miss me some more. Hahaha.

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