Synagogue Church of All Nations

Did I say I was going to the Synagogue? Yes oh, I be dey find miracle.

Stephen seems to be a common name, so I had a colleague at work by that name too. I mentioned to him that I planned to visit that prayer house in Lagos and sought a place to stay close to the “church”, and he says to me “Madam, I Dey stay near there and my wife go happy make you stay.”

Na so I take my accumulated free days travel go Lagos go get my own miracle.

Despite Mrs Stephen having a very small place, she welcomed me warmly and advised me on the best way to visit the church in order to be attended to properly.

We however made a mistake in planning my attendance game plan. We thought it was a good idea for me to spend the night before in their facility in company of many other pilgrims. Well that was the worst idea of the century.

I spent the night in a shaded but open space with dreams of front row seat, provision was made for bath and shower. However, the next morning that hope was dashed.

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