Spiritual Tourism

The Muslim Cleric from the last post gave me some items, to put under my pillow and put at specific junctions.

I obey his instructions to the letter until I totally let disbelief “bring out the best in me.”

At that point I trashed them all and sought the Ibadan Pastor.

So Uncle Ex like many other Christians I used to know had prophets on call. Seers who they sought “what God said from.

There is was one in Ibadan he had taken me to years before. Ibadan, was a town I wasn’t familiar with.

Despite this, I found my way to that town and that church. How I got there is still a mystery to me as I had only been to that church and that town once. I also went there in a private car so the public transport route, I ought not to have known. I guess it is true that the mind works in great ways when put under pressure.

It was a kind of counseling day and I got there early, luckily I met the “Shepherd” I sought to meet. He was surprised to hear of the developments and promised to talk to Uncle Ex for me.

Off I return to my base.

A few days later, Ibadan Shepherd calls with not so good news.

Work continues, life continues, then I decide to attend the Synagogue Church.

The TV broadcasts of that Church used to be widely tuned in and believed by dwellers in the towns Uncle Ex and I resided.

Uncle Ex also believed in the Leader of that movement. He had mentioned that if “the Man of God” talked on our issue, he would listen.

So off I prepare to go to Lagos and to the Synagogue………….

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Someone said to me that public figures stick to one hair style for brand recognition and I reply “I choose not to conform.” Hahaha.

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