The Babalawo

For two months after returning to base, I kept to myself. Away from loved ones who were worried about me. Away from my mother whose health had begun to wane.

I just couldn’t bear the shame. So tey I begged Uncle Ex to marry a second wife while I still remained his wife instead of an outright divorce. Well that begging was by text, as Uncle had stopped picking my calls, he even changed phone numbers along the line.

During my year of not having a job after marriage, I had learnt a little bit of tailoring, I also made life long friends there. A certain friend I made there happens to be a Muslim. She was concerned about my separation and requested me to see her Muslim cleric.

Well I was in a desperate time in my life so I accepted to go with her. After formalities, he told me that we needed to buy certain items and told me the cost. I provided him the money and returned a few days later to do the supposed rites.

One item for the rites was a duck. The Cleric kills the duck then “shows” me a padlock tied with thread. Tells me that that was the cause of my problems. Did I believe him? Did I take his prescribed remedy?

When did you check out my Instagram handle last? Don’t expect me to come to you with the breaking news specially.

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This space my friend, is my personal Whatsapp status. Bear with me, after all you are enjoying KEEPING UP WITH JUDITH! Hahaha.

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