Engineer Bona

So I go back to work. Did I mention that Uncle Ex had encouraged me to change accommodations in preparation to begin coming to work from his town? Well, what I had now was a single room in a neighborhood close to the main road yet lonely.

Work resumed as usual but not my appetite. I began eating once a day at dinner from a small buka (local restaurant) along my street. Some days I would wake up and think “Judith, you didn’t eat yesterday!”

I must have been as big as that First Lady starting out(who watches weight while trying to be pregnant every month?).

This reminds me of Engineer Bona. He was my friend in another department of the company I worked. He had no idea what I was going through but noticed I was loosing weight fast so says to me “madam, this your weight loss therapy is getting too much, your bum is disappearing.”

Na so Bona buy market! I retorted, “Bona, have I ever commented on your manhood before? What’s your business with the size of my butt?………”

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A flashback look from those days, oh actually a year after those days!

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