My First Christmas Alone

They don’t sing the carol “Silent Night” for nothing. Christmas of the year 2012 was the epitome of silent night to me.

I don’t think I was fasting, maybe I was. I just wasn’t eating, why should I? My world had crashed and had forgotten to take me with it.

And that was how the holiday dragged on and then on January 1st 2013, I was outside my gate fetching water and up drives the then love of my life(now I know this phrase is transferable). I run to his feet and fall on my knees, he looks at me and says something like “so you are still in this house?” He gets back into his car and drives away; obviously to Mr Steve’s place.

I walk heartbroken into the apartment and make phone calls, one to a pastor who he had introduced me to, the pastor calls him and he tells him that I first have to obey him by leaving the house if we are to talk. Anyway, it was already a new year, I had to return to my work station the next day. Mr Steve also calls me and codely asks me when I would return to work.

No need telling you that once I returned to work, Uncle Ex made arrangements to change houses again.

One red flag I should have noticed between Uncle Ex and Mr Steve happened a few months after I had resumed work at my job. I came around for the weekend, hubby picked me from the park, he then stops to speak to Mr Steve along the way and wouldn’t permit me in on the discussion. He explicitly told me to sit in the car.

Or maybe it was in October of that year when we marked my mother’s 50th birthday, I tried everything to make Uncle Ex go with me, he blankly refused to consider it. So I travel with a girlfriend for it. I was mad at him for a few days, yet I still submitted and suggested we go see his parents and do a proper apology for my leaving them after the last miscarriage as it seemed it was the cause of his upset.

One more thing about Uncle Ex and I’s disagreement, was his demand that I pay my salary into his account when I started work. I didn’t at that time but during the separation I did and then he sends it back to me. Lol.

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