With great pain in their hearts, Grandma and Aunty leave me at about 10pm.

I realize it would be unsafe to sit at the gate of my ex-in-laws all through the night especially with the power outage the neighborhood was experiencing, so I find a shade opposite the house, the type normally used to sell Akara(fried bean cake) and set my tearful face down for a nap.

At midnight, electric supply was restored to the neighborhood, as though God just decreed “Let there be Light,” I look towards the home I married into and see my supposed Father-in-law walking round the compound making incantation prayers(he attends a white garment church remember?).

I run to the gate and shout “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!”, Daddy neither turned from his rite nor answered me. I must have suddenly died and metamorphosed into a ghost that moment for him to have neither heard me nor seen me.

When it dawned on me that I was wasting my time, I started walking, I walked a distance I couldn’t have normally walked in 5hours, guess adrenaline shot up from the pain I was feeling, the hollow in my heart.

I walked passed Community vigilantes on the expressway who stopped this lone walking woman at 3am, but on seeing my tears they hurriedly let me go. I walked all the way to the motor park, got there at 5am and waited for the drivers to come load at 7am.

I returned to our apartment in the community where Uncle Ex worked and spent Christmas and New year alone, I didn’t eat those days and didn’t return to work until the next year.

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