The Life Changing Phone Call

Dust and Cement mixed the atmosphere, causing a fog cover on an otherwise beautiful day. The house keeping staff were about their duties as the Cement Mill Attendant on duty and I laughed over a private joke.

My phone rang, I excuse myself to pick it. It was my favorite Aunt, my paternal Aunt who lived with my nuclear family while growing up. She says to me; “Your Father-in-law called me, he only said to me that they don’t want to be married to our daughter (me) anymore.”

Nothing could have prepared me for that news nor the way it was delivered. I asked more questions but she had no answers. I call my husband’s phone number, it was switched off. A few weeks prior, I had visited him on his campus. Though he stayed off campus, he didn’t permit me to spend the night on account of his supposed room mate who wasn’t in at the time I visited.

I was thrown off balance by the news broken to me by my Aunt, I took the appropriate permissions and travelled to the town my father-in-law resided. I was accompanied by my paternal grandma and the Aunty who had broken the news to me.

We got to the house of my ex-in-laws, there we saw the cars of Uncle Ex(my husband) and his father’s parked in the compound. We began to knock on their gate till our knuckles hurt then we picked up stones to continue the task. The time was 9pm when my grandma and aunty began advising me to give up “the knocking challenge” hahaha.

Giving up was not in the books for me so I bid them good night while I found some shade to hide for safety as the neighborhood had become dark due to the non availability of electricity supply.

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