The Unforgettable Sex

Christmas was around the corner, I had a colleague who reared chickens, so I suggested to Uncle Ex that we buy from him that Christmas. A few weeks to Christmas I purchase one to prepare a delicious meal for Uncle Ex who was to come spend the weekend at my station.

He was coming to move some more property to his station. We had discussed that I would begin coming to work from his station(funny enough that was what I suggested when I first got the job).

He comes around and is upset that I purchased a chicken before the agreed date. We eat, then make love. That was the worst love making of my life. I still remember it vividly almost 7years later. Like he finished and was angry, not one ounce of passion.

Then he begins to pack the stuff he came for wanting to return to his station, I remind him that he promised to spend the weekend, moreover I had to work that night. Well I follow him into the car to the outskirts of the town and he asks me to get down rudely if I wanted to go to work. Well girl had to work so she alights.

After work the next morning, I travel to his base with the remainder of the chicken soup and we have a normal weekend.

I return to my base on Monday, while he travelled to another town for school as he was doing his Master’s program. All was good until I received a phone call from my Aunty three days later……….

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