I failed to mention that when I got a new job, Uncle Ex and I moved to the new town the job was situated.

Yes, we got a two bedroom flat. Accommodation is still rather affordable in that town. The only problem is portable water, but that condition is becoming better. I really didn’t see the need relocating as the town we stayed where hubby worked and this town weren’t a great distance. But he was willing to be inconvenienced for me to have it easier and that was endearing.

The first few months were bliss. Up until he began complaining of the town and the stress he faced going to work daily.

It was in this town that some prophet in our then church prophesied our break up. Funny enough we had stop attending this church at the time we moved here. We were attending a more bible based, prayer inclined church until the pastor told a story that upset Uncle Ex enough to quit the church.

I think the story the pastor shared went this way; “so a pregnant woman was approached in a market by an old woman with a prophecy saying she won’t survive the pregnancy, rather than breakdown in fear, she sends the word back to sender, ie not my portion but yours.”

Hubby said the church was encouraging rudeness to elders(you would recall that he has a strong believe in prophets and their ministry).

Well, that was how we returned to a branch of our previous church.

Next post I should tell about how he walked out on the marriage (that’s if I don’t break it into two parts, lol).

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