Staff Layoff

I talked about a retrenchment threat in my post “First Engineering Job”. Now let me give the inside story.

The company I worked with was a newly founded or rather expanded company. It was trying to break even with respect to the business policies and at the time, indigenous unrest and market/brand popularity.

In all these we stayed in the market for a few years then the downsizing began. The management decided to lay off staff who the felt were redundant while they made plans to build an ultramodern world class cement factory rather than continue repairing and maintaining the inherited property that was first built some 30years ago.

The air had become tense daily as we came to work as people expected bad news. Eventually the day came and there was an instruction for staff to gather at the muster point. So we filed there rather gloomily.

The letter dispatcher handed out letters via department supervisors, those for my department were handed to me.

As I read out names, I kind of expected my name to be in the lot, well it wasn’t, neither was my self acclaimed enemy’s.

As we returned to our department, my ex enemy mended fences with me. He said to me “sorry for all the way I stressed you, in the end what would it have been worth if we were just laid off, na work we come here come do, no be fight.”

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Old School throw back day. Lol

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