First Engineering Job

I returned home. Life continued as usual.

Uncle Ex was a lecturer in a Federal establishment, things were better financially, then I GOT A JOB!

A Cement Producing Company had opened up in the nearby town and applications were called for. Uncle Ex encouraged me to apply, he also mentioned he was friends with some Staff there so I won’t have an issue settling in.

The interview was effortless and I got the job, but I also made an enemy that day.

So the enemy I acquired; (I had a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering at this point) I got acquainted with a fellow interviewee, he had a Higher National Diploma (HND). We had an open interview. Ie he, I and two other gentlemen sat on a panel facing the board and we were asked oral questions.

On resumption of duties, I was offered an higher role than the young man and made his direct boss. This did not go down well with him. I was also a direct boss to two other men who had more experience in the job and one was old enough to be my father.

All other subordinates of mine had no issues taking instructions from me on the job but not so with the young man who got employed same day as me.

He would see some machinery go into breakdown and allow it just to be able to say I was in capable. Then he began grumbling to everyone that he did more work than I did but got paid less.

And I am like “of course I am the boss ain’t I?” Lol. I eventually had to write him a query. That didn’t do the trick still.

What did the trick was a retrenchment threat.

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