Smelling Womb2

Next day after returning from the Delta, I go to a gynecologist and have myself checked. I was diagnosed with an incomplete abortion. In lay man’s English, it simply meant, you lost a pregnancy and some products of conception still remained in the womb.

The Gynecologist prescribed an evacuation, at that moment, my fear of evacuation returns and I convince him to give me drugs to expel the contents instead which he does.

I return to the town Uncle Ex and I resided but before I got home, he sent me a message telling me not to come to “his” house saying I dishonored his father by leaving the Delta. So I go to the home of my maternal grandma. There I used the drugs prescribed by the gynecologist. Let me give you yukky details now. So water is a scarce resource in that town, and so the toilet was less than perfect. Hence when the womb began contracting to expel its waste products I sat on the bath tub, there I released large chunks of blood which I afterwards had to pack out and dispose.

Did you just loose your appetite? Well I have lost more appetites than I care to count since I started my fertility journey.

A few days later I go look for Uncle Ex at his place of work. He attends to me rather coldly then says to me that I shouldn’t return to his home until I go apologize to his parents in another town. Well what option did a young dependent me have despite the fact I was still dealing with the miscarriage? This was my 4th miscarriage.

After seeing his people, I returned to my marital home, but then I began having a smelling discharge that necessitated me to return to my gynecologist.

On being examined by the gynecologist, he got really angry with me. As it turned out, the baby in my womb had died even before I left my home to go on the traditional midwife adventure.

So I had been massaging and forcing dead tissue to remain in my system. He said that I was lucky to still be alive 3 months after baby 4 officially passed on.

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