Smelling Womb

Two months into my Delta journey to traditional midwifery, Uncle Ex comes visiting. I was glad to see him, I definitely had missed him.

We spent the night together, some cuddling and kissing but no sex as somewhere in my mind, I assumed sex added to the cause of the miscarriages I had been experiencing.

Having spent the weekend, Uncle Ex left. Immediately he left, I began bleeding. I was tired. The next day I took the next bus to Edo State, the home of my Paternal grandma. There lived my grandma and my aunty.

I told Uncle Ex my where about. My ex father in law lived in that town too. He comes to see me or rather to insult me at my grandmother’s place. He sat in a meeting kind of pose and spoke all negatives about me (how he suspects I am ‘ogbange’, suspects i masturbate etc).

He calls his wife at home and puts it on speaker for her to speak her “own opinion” on how terrible I was. After the one man meeting squad, he was about to leave and accused me of not cheerfully seeing him off!

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