White Garment Pastor

Fart and Baby 4” saw me travel to Delta State(I enjoyed banga rice sold on wheel barrows here) with a family friend of Uncle Ex. A family friend who was a Pastor in a white garment church and his wife.

I was registered with a traditional midwife and began weekly belly rubbing sessions to try save baby 4.

Today’s story is more about the Pastor who accommodated me than baby 4.

So in this brand of white garment church, they refer to their Pastor as Shepherd. This Shepherd was the Pastor in charge of a branch in a local village while his wife was an unregistered nurse and pharmacist running a small scale business in the nearby bigger town(She was a pill abortion specialist too, I refused a pill delivery errand from her once).

The Church provided a two bedroom apartment for the Pastor within the church premises where he stayed alone most days while his wife shared a single room with her 3 kids in the city center to enable her do her business.

I spent two months with this family. During this time it seemed like the pregnancy was being sustained but it wasn’t the case.

Let me digress a bit to one gist that happened while I stayed with the Pastor.

One day I went to town for my midwife appointment, Pastor picked me up from town after the appointment, he also took with him his youngest child a baby girl from the mother as it was almost weekend and the family would join over the weekend for Sunday service.

On returning to the Parsonage that evening I met a young lady not older than I was in the living room. I said hello then went about my regular routine, which included taking care of his daughter for the night.

Soon we went to bed, his daughter and I. I wake up to giggles later in the night as Shepherd and the lady guest walk past my open room door returning from a moon light bath dressed with a towel around her chest and a boxer short on him. They spend the night together making sounds I had not made since I was confirmed pregnant.

The next morning, I wake early and begin preparing breakfast for his baby when he walks past me to receive a phone call from a disciple, what baffled me was the tongues he seemed to be speaking on the phone despite still having “an exhibit” in his room. Lol.

Wetin I go talk? Na him life, but my perception of him changed drastically that day.

Don’t go nowhere, My Weird Wonderful life loads on……..

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