A Fart and Baby 4

Imagine being farted in your face? Well I did that some months after baby 3 Waka go.

Some months after baby 3, someone referred us to a doctor to clean the womb he said. Well we buy the idea and book an appointment. He worked from the comfort of his home.

Had a theatre at home and all. His wife was the assisting nurse.

When we got to his place we met another couple, a younger couple who seemed unmarried and were in for an abortion. They were all cuddly and smiling until it was time for her to go into the theatre. She walks in alone, then the ‘Doctor’ comes out to call her partner in saying “Na me help you put the thing inside?”. Hahaha

After much shouting, they were done and it was my turn. I still wonder how we bought into the idea of “cleaning womb”, well I was soon on the theatre table with Uncle Ex comforting me and the doctor working in between my legs, Na so I no fit hold the “mess” in between my pain, I come release am for him face one time! Hahaha.

Soon after this, pregnancy 4 strolls in. That was the most traumatic of all the pregnancies I had had till then. At about 14 weeks gestation, I feel something is not right so I go for a scan and was told the baby had died, but hubby decided to contact his “Wolli”( pastor in a white garment church) friend and the wife to come check if true.

They travelled a distance to come see me. The wife rubs my belle and tells me that the baby is still alive and recommended traditions Urhobo midwives for me.

And so I travel back with them to their station. And began midwife sessions.

The midwife was some local woman working from home in a very modest environment. She had a considerable large customer base.

Working on me basically involved rubbing the stomach vigorously to awake the baby or position it. She also puts her hand(I don’t remember if gloved) into the cervix to position from inside. I continued this sessions for weeks while living with this family.

How many days to christmas is it? Hope you are done with Christmas shopping? My tree is already up!

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