My Side Chick Days 2

Back to “My Side Chick Days” story abi?

Well, so Captain and I were becoming rather close, he loved to flaunt me to his friends as “My Engineer Wife.”

But I began having my suspicions. Then some other lady began calling him other than the one who shared a surname with him.

When the suspicion got too overbearing for me, I remembered that my dad was in the Police Force during his life time and I pulled out my CIA skills.

I had a key to his apartment, as a few of my things were already in his place. We spoke of marriage a few times and he tried to convince me to get pregnant.

He was sure that he had the magical sperm which my uterus would accept and nurture despite I already having had 6 miscarriages at that point.

Well there was no way I was getting pregnant for him without a wedding band.

On the day I decided to use my CIA skills, I made sure I was alone at his place and did a thorough search.

My search was productive as I was able to unravel the truth.

Man had a wife with 4kids and a concubine with a toddler!

I was flabbergasted, I was shocked, I was astonished, I was……

Then I recover myself.

Then I steal everything of slightest value to me in his little abode which wasn’t much, just an half bag of rice, the camping gas I had gifted him, probably some provisions and like he said later, the bathroom slippers.

That being done, I water bathed his bedroom, bed and rug then placed the document of evidence open in bare sight as I left in a blaze of glory!

I should have left it that way but I just had to go over board and contact his wife and concubine.

I wrote them. I wasn’t rude, I basically blamed them for giving him too much space to be able to fool innocent girls for this long.

Both ladies initially thanked me. Then the concubine calls him obviously and gets his twisted side of the story then contacts me telling me to leave her husband.

So I ask her what position is she in the wife hierarchy, reminding her about the other lady who had 4 older kids for him. Well she leaves me at this point.

The wife however and I become good friends on Facebook and on phone until her husband gets jealous and tells her that “she is allying with his enemy”.

The man on his part wasn’t even remorseful for the deceit. He made two statements I remember, one was “if I had told you that I was married, you won’t have dated me” and “if you were already pregnant for me before you found out, you won’t have left me.”

Why did I recall to tell this story?

I see and hear of many homes breaking up daily because of side chicks and I am unable to understand the mentality of these ladies, maybe I am weird after all, but this is definitely a good weird.

With all I had been through at that point, a divorce, another heartbreak after the divorce, 6 miscarriages, out of job etc, even knowing he was married may not have been a big deal to most side chicks I see. Moreover there won’t have been much pressure for children from the man and the chick could have been living like a madam, even making him sponsor things like an education, a boutique etc.

They say Women are the Worst enemies of other women, but I say, a man is his own worst enemy. Like why would I want to be a side chick in this world? Am I even a chick @chicken?

Abeg today Na Monday, this week, be patient for what is really yours, appreciate what you have at hand, the land is only greener where it is watered. Have a beautiful December.

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