My Side Chick days!

Today I want to reminisce on my side chick days. Hmm. Self righteous me right? Read with me.

So there was a phase in my life when Uncle Ex had become an Ex-husband, I was in Lagos and ran into an army Captain, yeah he is higher than that now. He helped me out of some traffic issue where I may have been beaten for bashing a car, as my driving skills were questionable then.

I really should return to the proper chronological order of Uncle Ex Stories but life has been too interesting of recent to shelf it aside for historical gists don’t you think?

Anyway, Captain and I began seeing, then dating, then sleeping over. He introduces me to his brother, his indirect boss etc. He was also privy to meet my grandma and the few friends I had then. Everything seemed so perfect. Three months pass without any incident.

Then one day, I was at his place and a contact saved as Mrs “his surname” texted requesting for a child’s school fees.

On questioning bro, he had an excuse about it being his sister-in-law who asked him to help with her kid’s school fee.

Well, I had no reason to disbelieve him, though I didn’t like the way his boss’ daughter looked at me when I attended a church function with them.

Least I forget, My military Boo was also a chaplain in a semi Orthodox Church ,so sometimes I would be in his congregation and he would be chatting me from the altar.

Tomorrow I would tell about the discovery and the outcome.

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