Oga’s Mistake!

Some years ago, I worked as a Process Engineer in a Cement producing company. It was a beautiful experience being involved in the conversion of raw materials to finished goods..

Beautiful night view of a Cement Plant.

Working as a Cement Mill Supervisor involved being responsible for junior level staff. I was a middle level staff hence having senior level staff I report to.

This story is about three bosses of mine(once my Boss, always my Boss). So I had two direct bosses Engr Joseph and Engr Silas who were shift managers I report to, these two report to the third Engr China the then Production Manager.

Engr Joe and Silas ran shift jobs and that meant they both are never at work at the same time. But Engr China and I ran what was called regular duty (8am to 5pm). Meaning that I worked with them all on different time schedules.

One beautiful day, Engr Silas was on day duty with Engr China and I while Engr Joe was home resting. Silas then has a disagreement with China over the running of the plant, he was so pissed out. As he walked the grounds of the plant, he placed his operational radio under his armpit then brings out his phone to rant to Joeseph about China.

Radios work with frequencies, the plant uses a general frequency which when tuned on, every other person with a radio can listen in or reply to a conversation by pressing a little button while speaking. Other frequencies exist for messages to be passed that don’t need the whole organization listening in.

China carries a radio, I carry a radio and so do 30% of the operational staff.

I was in the control room with a Control room operator Akeju when I began hearing Engr Silas on air saying incomprehensible things that didn’t seem to be nice about Our boss Engr China. While I was still wondering what he was saying again, someone else cuts into the radio frequency saying “Silas you are on Air!”

Our old Control room at the time(see my forehead!)

Then it dawned on me that my Boss hadn’t realized that his armpit had depressed the on air button of his radio while he ranted about his Boss to his Co level staff on phone hence revealing his private conversations to the whole plant which included Engr China!

A few months down the line, the company temporarily shut down due to redundancy hence laying off a proportion of its staff temporarily, and Engr Silas happened to be the only management staff affected.

This day I had just emerged from inside a ball mill inspection.

Luckily when the company picked up about a year later he was reinstated.

Mind what you say when you think no one is listening.

I am so tired, I didn’t sleep much last night, but Woman pikin has to wake up and hussle on another beautiful day!

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