Life Must Go on

Then we take a break from the church we were attending previously where the pastor proposed “fingering” me and began attending MFM.

MFM is an abbreviation of a very Religious and prayerful church in Nigeria. In this church, fasting and deliverance services are encouraged. Extremely Modest dressings are also emphasized.

I really do not remember how I took the decision to start attending this church or how I was able to convince Uncle Ex to attend with me. But we began attending this church and growing in the Word(the Word of God).

I also took up a teaching role in a secondary school. I was a Class teacher to a JSS 1 class and a mathematics teacher to the JSS arm. I had a few experiences in this school to form my decision not to send my kids to “Semi Big” private schools. By the way my salary was N8000 per month not inclusive of lesson payment which sometimes could amount to N4,00”. The salary of a Mechanical Engineering Graduate in 2009!

In this school, the most important thing was for the students to have great scores on their report cards. I wasn’t pleased when the Proprietress called me into her office during the junior WAEC, and explicitly asked me to help the students cheat.

I loved this lady in “DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES”

One memorable non cheating day happened to me however that stuck on me. It was a JAMB(university entry examination) invigilating exam done in the school halls. I and my younger cousin K were opportune to invigilate. I was assigned to a small class of between 30 to 50 students, while K was in another hall invigilating. The questions were easy and the test was on the way, a few students tried cheating and I nipped their attempts in the bud. One young man actually tried to “gift” me a bribe by stretching it behind him as I walked past. Well I couldn’t be bought by such a gesture so I called him out.

I could see that I had really spoilt many unprepared students plans. The exams came to an end and I began collecting scripts, students filed out of the hall grumbling, then one young lady comes up to me to say THANK YOU.

Awww. That was so sweet. She thanked me that I was Just. That I didn’t cause her studies to count for nothing as lazy and unprepared student got better grades!

After the examination, as K and I strolled home, I asked her if she had collected bribe during the examination and how much she “acquired”. She admitted collecting gratification and the amount. Then as we crossed the an expressway some minutes later, I say to her;

What if a truck hit us now and we die, will you you be going to heaven?

Then I became pregnant with Baby two. We began using the acclaimed best gynecologists in the little polytechnic town we resided. Would this gynecologist be able to diagnose the cause of the first miscarriage and nip it in the bud?

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