Lecturer’s Wife.

In Baby One don Waka go, Uncle Ex got a job a a lecturer in a polytechnic. The pay was something to start with and life was beginning to look up.

This could have been us 30years later, but oh well!

We changed apartments to one more comfortable and co rented by fellow lecturers in that institution. It was a block of Four flats, so we had 3 other families as neighbors. There was Uncle Ben who wasn’t married at the time we moved in, Mr Ben who was engaged but had a baby from a baby mama who he got pregnant while dating his fiancée then daddy and mummy X (how on earth did I forget their cute son’s name?)

Then there was a meeting I was encouraged to start attending, it was some acronym of the words “lecturer’s wives association”. I do know it was formed to be a welfare kind of group but the lady who encouraged me to join and I joined basically to try get a job in that same institution.

Writer’s block don come! Block ko, block ni. Time to get prepared for school. Can’t afford to be stuck in Lagos traffic. The traffic these days have become a nightmare. Na to commot house early and use OPay (a bike hailing service) return.

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Flash back Monday! 2014.

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