How far?

This question is often heard from the lips of “caring” family and friends, translating it to Queens English would go something like “What are you doing about this unpleasant condition of your life?”

How far, Any serious boyfriend?

How far, Pregnant yet?

How far, you are still not working? Why don’t you try …….

Is this how you want to be? You are not getting any younger.

Most times the askers of such questions genuinely mean well and do not know the negative depressing effect of their caring questions.

How far has led many people to an early grave, has caused depression and made people make life time mistakes that led to further pain and woes.

That you were married at 22 doesn’t mean your child is a failure for being single at 40. First of all be grateful you have a child, and be proud of whatever other good things the child (who is now an adult but forever remains your baby) is achieving.

That you as a father was a billionaire at 30, doesn’t mean your 45 year old son who is still struggling to make ends meet is a disgrace to you, if you hear of opportunities, tell it to them but don’t ever do like my mum once did when she said to me “fat Ada who went to public school made it, you couldn’t.”

Or the one that gets home to me more, “let’s go to XYZ to seek help for your childbearing delay.

Yes We are all called to be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth but don’t forget that your first mission is to Dominate the earth, don’t let your desire to multiply kill your zeal to dominate because in the end, Na one life everybody get. What do you intend to achieve and be remembered for?

Yes I resumed school late yesterday so I have a lot of catching up to do. So much that my head is too swarmed to wear a wig to class anymore, today they will see my low cut hairstyle.

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I just had to wear a school bag yesterday didn’t I?

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