You are too old!

Last week I was speaking with a friend whose dad left her mum at Age 40 with three kids none of which had be begun university and no child support whatsoever.

Her mum was a general practitioner of medicine and had always wanted to specialize in cardiology. Well, the mum rather than get depressed over the failed marriage and bills heaped on her, somehow was able to send those kids to very good universities while pursuing her dreams of becoming a cardiologist.

This story got me moving. For years since I was disengaged from my last job which was in the engineering field, I have tried to return to it while juggling between fertility treatments, marriage and the fight not to be depressed.

While seeking another engineering job, I had tried a few businesses, not because I had a passion for business but because I needed to work to add my quota to “my family support ministry.”

Career counseling classes advise that your career path for maximum productivity is the thing in which you do almost effortlessly yet excellently.

Why did I study Engineering? Well maybe because I scored high in science courses or science students were considered brilliant?

I do remember my mum coming to my school in SS1 to tell my teacher that she didn’t want me reading sciences because she thought I was just flowing with the crowd and being a secondary school teacher herself, she had seen students choose sciences over the years and drop out(what elders see sitting down, they say the young ones cannot see even if they climb on a palm tree).

But I also do remember telling my mum in my early years that I wanted to be a model, well she teased me and told me I was too short to be one and that killed my interest in the arts but I didn’t know it at that point.

Five years ago when my church dealt with the topic of gift and calling, we were asked in house fellowship(a neighborhood meeting of church members who live in the same community, I met Uncle Forever in this meeting) to list the gifts we could recognize in other members at the meeting that evening, a sister by the name Eniola said about me “your gift is talking” and we all laughed about it.

No one is a stranger to me when it comes to raising a conversation, especially when I hear them talk about or see them in a challenging situation that I once was in. I never seem to consider that I was giving unsolicited advise but will just butt in with my story and suggestions. I haven’t had to be snubbed or reject more than a few times luckily, rather most times I get thanked for my “amebo”.

It has been easier sharing with strangers details of my life out of respect to my spouse’s desires not that I did care to hide my experiences if it were left to me. But over time the urge became too much that I saw myself starting this blog, speaking on radio stations, in meetings and everywhere I could seize a platform.

Learning about the now cardiologist’s determination, coupled with recent happenings in my life, I was motivated to take academic courses to improve the skill I realized I have.

But why didn’t I realize I had this passion since? Well I can only explain it away to the fact that with things falling into place in my life now my brain has been able to reboot!

Only a woman who has experienced infertility weather primary or secondary can understand what I am trying to explain. As much as I wished to be fruitful career wise, the only fruit worth thinking for some years now was the fruit of the womb. And not having a diagnosis after 8 miscarriages wasn’t something easy on me despite always wearing a cheerful countenance.

So Yesterday, a Mechanical Engineering Bachelor degree holder, got accepted to study a PGD course in Mass communications!

It’s never too late to follow your dream, but first you need to recognize this dream so you don’t waste years reading Mechanical Engineering when all you needed was always right in front of you!

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