The Man Who died.

I Don Over Doo Sha ended with the culprit being released and school bf being disciplined, well that also caused me to decide to leave that hostel and move in with my only Uni girlfriend who is still friends with me till now, the same one who instigated the fight that got me thoroughly trashed in “The Fighter”.

Good friends are life long.(stock pictures)

One day I was returning from a journey and met a neighbor from that hostel, I asked about the hostel and was told devastating news.

You do remember I mentioned a security guard from the north and his child bride? Well this gist is basically about them.

One fateful night, after the gates had be locked, it was told that a robber tried to break into the hostel. He met with stiff opposition from the gateman who succeeded in wounding him with his little weapon causing the thief to flee.

After doing this, the security man/gateman went back to bed feeling accomplished when he should have raised an alarm to alert the guys in the hostel about the security breach for them to have taken any precaution whatsoever, maybe they might have stayed up all night then what followed may not have occurred.

So the injured robber gets reinforcement and returns with a force. Scaled over the gate catching the guard unaware and hacking him to death. His wife was somehow spared. It was said that the men who had to pack up the corpse used a bag rather than a mat as is the traditional Muslim way because the body was dismembered into too many pieces.

The newly widowed young girl was pregnant with child.

Stock picture

After this incident, the hostel became deserted as most students relocated out of fear.

It is generally said that the Uni I attended is for strong people, well, I don’t disagree with them, maybe it contributed to my strengths though I would say it’s more likely my life experiences that made me who I am.

What lessons can I derive from the man who died? Maybe to choose your battles properly and know when to seek for help.

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