I Don Over Do Sha.

So in my last post I said I took some bet money ransom? Later that day I return from school and get greeted by one of the aggrieved parties accusingly. And rather than apologize, I retort with words to the extent that I threw an empty beer bottle from the previous night at them, luckily it was a missed shot. Oh I also remember entering their flat to continue the quarrel(truth be told it wasn’t the issue on ground that I was mad about but their gangsterism which has been quiet notorious around my apartment and that they did it with school bf, maybe I will call it over protection?), well they decided to lock me in their flat and leave with the keys.

What did I resort to doing other than mixing their grounded pepper with their salt and spraying away their aerosol insecticide. Soon my spraying action got them worried as I was a Known Asthmatic(I hated that the nurses wrote this boldly on my file in secondary school, good news is that I am not that anymore!), so I was released from my bondage and I returned their money to them then went to my room not know that part two was about to occur.

Part 2

I dey my room when three of those boys bounce in come show me lesson. Omo they beat me black and blue, then they comot. My guy be no dey.

When my guy come show self them still hold ground say them right, I no talk. Wetin come pain me pass be say them come thief my money wey be dey table waka as they come judge that night.

I no talk as them dey turn matter for my head, I even no talk when dey comot, I go bed sleep like say nothing spoil.

The next morning I wake early, took buckets as though I were going to fetch water at the Well, na lie oh, I pass there go Police Station report case. I even exaggerate am into rape case. Na so Police come follow me on Okada(bike) come pick the main suspect Brian. Brian was a tall handsome bobo. He didn’t put up any resistance to the arrest and was taken like a lamb to the slaughter.

At the Station, I do remember the female inmates saying “Na this fine boy rape girl? I beg put am for our Cell!”

Well bf and his friends bail out the guy after a day, then his supposed “friends” dealt with him for my crimes and I remember having to massage his feet and sore body.

This story still get part 3 oh, remember say I tell una say person be die for that hostel adventures? Well I go gist that one tomorrow.

Today Na public holiday unto one Muslim remembrance for my country so Na rest get many people, gratefully traffic no go dey today as I get places to go.

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I think I am more photogenic when I don’t smile.

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