I don do Sha!

Back to School boyfriend flashback gist. So in my third year, bf and i shared an apartment. A beautiful self contain off campus. A self contain refers to a studio type of apartment having all the amenities needed in a single room, hence a toilet, a kitchen and most importantly in non mega cities is running water.

So in essence we were living as big boy and girl on campus and most importantly like husband and wife(if my mother had caught me…..dad was late already).

I had fun, adventures and made trouble in that hostel. The hostel was designed as four rows of similar flats which was well fenced and a guard was employed. The guard at the time of my stay was a young man from the north who had only recently wedded an even younger girl or better said child, a lovely uneducated girl who we taught how to play scrabble.

So which of the stories should I start with? Let me do it in accelerating order of intensity.

So we were quite friendly neighbors in this hostel, this was the hostel I lived in the post titled Jungle Justice. We would sometimes sit together and play a game of scrabble, there was this guy called Victor who whenever he was losing a game would scream “tiles on board!” I guess I learned how to scatter scrabble games from him when I lose nowadays.

Then there was the mildly serious story of how I locked up my neighbors in a police cell.

One cool evening as we were all in our rooms, we heard commotion outside, we went out to look. As it turned out, two young men decided to practice their robbery skills in the wrong hostel and got caught. Without arms they had threatened a few ladies from their kitchen window and caused them to part with their phones, the ladies raised alarm and the lads were apprehended before they could escape.

What did my hostel boys do to them? Well they must have landed them many “hot” slaps, then they proposed putting them in the Water Well all night. Luckily they ditched that plan and tied them up in an empty room. The next morning, they were given a fine to pay which consisted of money and beer. One of them was held ransom while the other was released to to seek “bail” payment.

Nigerian breweries suppose rub my hand for this advert wey them no pay me for

Bail came soon enough and beer rolled in the compound. Me too I collected my share and kept in the fridge. Then it was time to go to school. On my way out of the compound that morning I run into my neighbors playing a game of cards where money was staked. I no come know wetin enter my head wey I seize their money tell them say make them no dey bet.

This is getting over long again. Two days one post! Oya take am like dat, tomorrow I go tell una wetin the boys do me and how someone died.

Beautiful Sunday to you, make I go church go learn how to persevere even if they dem kill me as them talk say na the topic of the month for my church and that has been the advice a few experienced marriage consultants who i no beg for their consultation have been giving me recently.

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