Baby One Don Waka Go

Eh don tey since I update abi? I just had to chip in wetin dey do me as eh Dey hot last week.

Thank God say eh don dey cool small small hopefully now. Big thank you to all who checked up on me, and all who were at loss of if they should check or keep mute. I appreciate you all. The only people I no appreciate na those people wey talk say my own too much say I for no talk. Guess what? Na one life I get and the people wey I for dey form for say my life perfect, na one life them too get and na how to survive them too dey hussle.

As we be dey talk before katakata gaz, after we commot for hospital that day return house, I come break down in health. Na that time I know wetin I just pass through. I come need plenty massage and sitz bath. Even my breast come dey bring milk, na that one sad me pass. Milk wey my baby supposed to suck!

Mother in law taught me how to take care of myself and I got better fast.

A few days later, Father in law calls me into the living room to have a one on one chat with me (remember that Uncle Ex was still gone on a journey). When we were seated, he asks me this question; “Are you from the river and have a covenant that the day you have a child you will die?” Remember I was just 22, fresh out of youth service. To say I was shocked by this question would be an understatement. I don’t remember my reply to him but it was definitely not yes.

Few days later Uncle Ex returns and gives me a big hug, so big that now more than 11 years later I still have memories of that hug. Like the few good memories of that marriage.

He was gone these few weeks because he traveled for an interview my maternal grandmother had linked him up for. So a few days after he returned we travelled together back to our base to follow up on the interview and return to our house(Ope! Meaning thanks in Yoruba language as i had over stayed my welcome at my in-laws place).

I remember us being so broke that I had to withdraw some late payment of two month stipends from my NYSC place of primary assignment. I was being paid 12k monthly. So 24k be just drop that weekend. Very timely, Uncle Ex had asked me to give his father part of that money for whatever reason I don’t remember now.

We got to our home base and Uncle Ex went to the office of the contact while I was to go home. The contact seemed not to be in the office at the time he arrived so he called my grandmother to tell her that he had waited for a long time and couldn’t wait anymore. I remember the way my grandmother shouted at him and told him to sit his butt there even if he had to sit there till the close of work!

His perseverance paid off as he left there that day with an offer letter as a Lecturer 2 in a Federal Polytechnic.

Wow that was good news. That should have been the beginning of better news shouldn’t it? As I be dey edit I just remember one superstitious thing my father in law said. He said it was the luck of the pregnancy loss that brought the job. Then later that day abi was it after his first salary 🤔 he/we buy a crate of malt and take to grandma to show our thanks. That’s all she ever ate from that salary. Lol.

Today na Wednesday. What do you have planned today? Do it with the fear of God and you shall receive open doors.

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