Everyday na Police! Wetin Self?

I am a woman, I live in Nigeria. You know where Nigeria is right? If you don’t, well it’s in West Africa quite close to Ghana, not really though because Republic of Benin and Togo wedge us apart. Yeah close to the sea too so we have beaches. I don’t know what you know about my country but we don’t live on tree houses like Tarzan and wear leaves for clothes.

We have a system of government like the Americans do, or we like to think we are getting there. One thing we however do have in common with the Americans is a Police system that has its flaws.

I don’t know the history of corruption in the Police force of my country but i grew up knowing that Police officers stop vehicles on the highway and drivers give them N20 notes squeezed and hidden, later it became N100 notes. Now they are “sorted” in tens of thousands because they have graduated to stop and search and when they do search they never stop searching till they see something, afterall the Bible says ”seek and you will find.”

Then they began the Yahoo Boys Craze. To the Corrupt Police officer, a Yahoo Boy (which is another way of describing a fraudster whose main office is off the internet) is any young male who may have a fine car, preferably a Benz, must have a laptop and could have dred locks or a fashionable hairstyle.

I was at a Police station some time ago to bail a relative with a free bail of ”N150k’ for the offence of buying a fairly used phone which we were told (no evidence shown us nor did we see the complainant) was stolen, after he had spent a night sitting in a cell(a cell is too crowded and dirty to imagine napping).

While in the interrogation room, 5 young lads of less than 18 years of age were brought in and accused of being internet fraudsters. The evidence? They had big phones. What caught my attention was that the Policeman offered to release them instantly if they forfeited their phones and the cash they had on them. They had 9 Phones on them, 4 of which were Iphones and cash of about N50k. The policeman also demanded that each of them be ”freely” bailed with N50k each. Na so i “pay” to collect my relative waka leave them.

The day I totally gave up on the Police my friends (there is a sarcastic outdated slogan here that says the Police is your friend) was one lonely night as I drove home from visiting an aunt admitted in an hospital. It was in some part of town I wasn’t familiar with. As I drove through side roads using my google map as a compass, suddenly a policeman on a bike over takes me and stops in front of me, another one rides and parks beside my door both cornering me.

So I step on my brakes suddenly, bringing the car to a halt. I lower my window glass. I say “Officer is there a problem?” and they begin apologizing, saying ‘”Sorry Madam you can go.”

I shake my head (in my mind oh) and wonder how different the case would have been if it wasn’t a female driving that night. Omo na for cell I for dey call that my same relative wey I bail to repay the favor. There is one romance story gone wrong between Uncle Forever and I that led us to spend a night in a police station which I may tell you one day.

Till then DON’T DO WHAT I WON’T DO, lol. Those are a real whole lot by the way! Hahaha. Do have a beautiful today.

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My shades no resemble Police own?

4 thoughts on “Everyday na Police! Wetin Self?

  1. Police was, is and will always be your friends, but not when you are in need of their service or when you haven’t gotten the ultimate Abuja connection.

    Its easy for an oppressed to become an oppressor and the other way round also when you have the upper connection.

    Police case aside.

    It has been a while i did comment,
    but you know, its your fault.

    Was following you of recent and came across how they wanted to draw a new map with your body.
    I was bittered to the bone marrow, that was even why i decided to go by your law.

    Sorry for all the pains we might have caused you am speaking this on behalf of all men in beast making that you have met, though we are yet to get their side but on whatever reasons they might have shouldn’t justify a man to raise a hand to any woman.

    I love minding my business but i drive joy in working from a distance to get justice.

    If you are not satisfied from what our friend(the police) gave to you,
    then am always around to sort for the other higher connection.

    But in whatever decision you take,
    he is still your husband, we all might help to put him where he belongs but we or i in person won’t be there when there would be cold to cuddle you…

    We may listen to your problem but may not be able to hold you closer and remind you the vow of being there always, he alone can do dat.

    Indeed a strong woman you are.
    You hv my email i suppose contact me if need be.

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