Mrs Talk and DO.

Interviewer: There are two main rules for our company to select you.
Applicant: What are they sir?
Interviewer: Our second rule is Cleanliness, did you wipe your feet on the foot mat near the door before coming in?
Applicant: Yes sir!
Interviewer: Our First rule is trustworthiness. For your information there isn’t a foot mat near the door.

It’d easy to imagine we are people of integrity until we are judged on the little details. Like do tell lies, do you mean every word you say? Do you beat the traffic light when there is no one watching? Do you give a bribe?

This reminds me of the historical lesson between a cousin of mine and my Uncle. This cousin has never forgotten the promise my Uncle who is his cousin gave him almost 20 years ago. Uncle is senior to this cousin by at least ten years, he came visiting and promised the young man who was a child then N20. Well, he still hasn’t paid his debt till this day, so no matter how I try to speak nicely of this Uncle who I love dearly by the way, all my Cousin sees is a N20 unpaid promise.

No be everyday woman pikin dey get story to tell. Today be Sunday, go church make Uncle Pastor tell you story of how Jesus take die for you and me. I sneak peak enter wetin my church wan preach for this November month and the topic na PERSISTENCE. I be think say na PERSEVERANCE when I spy am earlier, I be wan talk say in the journey of Perseverance, make man pikins dey know where to draw the line because for heaven person no go carry award say he live and die like goat to the slaughter. God expects us to use the talent wey we give us maximumly for this earth and not be held down by customs, marriage, fear or limitations. He don give us all we need to succeed. Just start wetin your heart call you to do and keep doing it and you go dey see say small small you go dey understand where the gift dey lead you go.

I don dey confuse una with my parables again abi? I beg who know, don know!

November go good for me and you body. Plenty money go full our pocket and plenty jollification as we don enter the “ember” months. Soon we go dey shout HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Isn’t God so Good? I beg make I dey go. No forget come sign register here tomorrow oh. You know say I love all my readers abi? Feel free to slide into my direct messages to say hello anytime.

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This girl black sha!

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