Rape No

I was thinking of what to pen down when I went through the status of my friend, she shared a story that reminded me of an experience I had.

This occurred after Uncle Ex so it’s like a flash forward not relating to my marital journal.

So I was in Lagos and in no relationship. I decided to try online dating. I began chatting with some guy. After a few weeks we agreed to meet up. I was to meet him at a restaurant in ikeja. I wasn’t conversant with that area of town so he advices me to take a taxi from Allen, there weren’t ehailing cabs in town those days. So I follow his directives and find my way to the restaurant only to discover it was a restaurant in an hotel.

He was waiting outside the hotel to pay my cab fare and we walk into the out door restaurant of the hotel, where we sit and talk for a few minutes. He tells me about himself and I tell him about myself. He seemed an ok guy though I thought he was trying too hard to form big boy. Soon a waiter walks up to take our order, we make orders. The waiter encourages us to move into the indoor restaurant which we do and continue chatting. I feel the need to use the restroom and was about to walk into the restaurant’s restroom when brother vehemently insisted I used the one in “his” room giving reasons of cleanliness. Well I oblige him then return to the restaurant.

The water comes with the meals and once again oga tells him to take it to the room, and without a second glance at me, he follows the waiter to the room. I sit transfixed to that seat for a long time, shake my head “for” myself then walk out of the restaurant and retrace my steps home.

Like Judith, na rice them wan take chop you so? You have suffered!

Uncle calls my number and I tell him to enjoy his two plates of rice. He swears angrily at me. Lol

I can’t tag today, not with my laptop. I ain’t even strong, I am not angry, I am disappointed. Disappointed in people, in a person.

Well there you go. Hugs to me.


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