The going of Baby One

Beautiful week to you.

Baby One continues today. Because neither Uncle Ex nor I were gainfully employed, money seemed a challenge, I remember my mother sending some money to my in laws to help with my health care. She even did travel to see me and warned me in private to be careful when my in-laws suggested visiting prophets.

Unfortunately about a week later as I lay in the room one night, I began to feel a pain that I later got to know was contraction (I was between 14 to 16 weeks pregnant). I called out to my mother in law, begged her to give me some of the slimy native medicine the mid wife had provided which I had rejected.

The medicine had no effect as contractions continued on a rate of ten minutes apart. I was bundled into the car and driven to the maternity. There they were at a loss of what to do, I paced about screaming as the contraction time difference shortened, they eventually decided to take me to a real hospital, a private one though.

Writing brings back memories, like I had forgotten all these details!

At the hospital I was given a private room, there a doctor came to attend to me. I was in so much pain so the first thing he did was give me a pain killer intravenously. Then I was scheduled for an evacuation or delivery. Well I don’t remember the evacuation. Maybe I was put to sleep.

The next morning father in law and I were directed to go for a scan to ascertain womb content. I remember being dressed with a night gown and a wrapper around my chest and commuting there on public transport. At the scan center, after being examined, the result read “incomplete abortion” this is a medical term usually used for pregnancy loss not meaning a deliberate removal of fetus.

Usually to go for a scan, one is required to drink a lot of water to help get a clearer picture. After the scan, I needed to use the rest room, as I tried to pee, a large chunk of blood fell into the loo and I was scared. I flushed and went to reunite with my father in law. This sounds weird and I want to imagine it was my mother in law who accompanied me to the scan center but my brain says it was my father in law. The weird part was I can’t imagine telling a man what I think I just told him.

Well I told him about the blood in the restroom and he walks out on me, leaving me to run after him.

Na so October dey waka go oh, soon we go dey say happy new year. You still get that sheet of paper where you be write your goals for 2019… Now is the time to cross check it.

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