Why You Dey Jealous Me?

A couple received a letter from their daughter who went to study Modern Physics overseas, the letter read:
“My beloved Parents, I miss you so much and it breaks my heart to think that by the time I get back, you would be too old. So enclosed you will find a bottle of potion that I invented. It will make you young, so that when I return you will be the same age as the day I left.
NOTE: Please take only a drop
So they opened the envelope and in it lay a bottle of red potion. The father looked at the wife and said: “You go first.” So the wife takes a drop, thereafter the husband follows. Indeed the wife turned five years younger! Years later the daughter returns home to find her mother looking so young and pretty, carrying a baby on her back. The mother proceeds to tell her daughter how the potion worked and made her look young. The daughter was delighted and asks after her father.
MOTHER: Your father? Hmm, my child, your father was so jealous that I was young and beautiful so he drank the whole bottle.
DAUGHTER: What! So where is he?
MOTHER: Hahaha, who do you think is the baby on my back?

My Sunday sermon has been fulfilled. Go and peace, the Lord is with you!

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