Yesterday I was in town at the hour of school runs and passed by some Prestigious schools(big school fees schools), I watched in admiration how parents sacrificed time to go pick up their children from school. Not being a mother YET I could only imagine the love.

Then a thought dawns on me, “Parenthood is the only type of relationship where you can love someone more than you love yourself!”

It’s so surreal that we try to give opportunities to another human than we didn’t get ourselves, we starve just to give them a better life. Like the school I passed at school runs time, their school fees are cut throat yet I have friends whose kids are students there, friends who live very frugally and can barely enjoy any excess.

But I totally get it, it’s parental love and I plan to do so much more. Now try to understand the great void felt by parents who have tried to have children for years. I have tried to have kids for more than 11years now, but let’s leave my story today and look at other scenarios.

I had friends who tried to conceive year after year only to die putting to bed, that’s the annoying irony! Like maybe if only she had stopped trying and adopted, she may still have lived maximally and fully? But the heart wants what it wants!

Or is it the friends who get blessed with many kids of one gender and decide to keep trying for another gender then eventually die in the process? I feel angry at such, especially knowing I was still trying for my rainbow baby.

The worst part of all I see in couples trying to conceive is the way they lose their joy, love for each other and their lives in the journey.

I have been there so I know first hand. After all Uncle Ex left me for childbearing reasons, I lost dreams and years all to just find a solution. If only I could turn back time, firstly I would marry a man who loves me beyond having children, we would have an open mind to alternate childbearing methods or adoption, we would be a team to build a home and cruise the world!

Children are an heritage from the Lord yes but life is first a GIFT from Him, use the gift you are given today and don’t keep it under a basket!

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