Baby One

Hey there, I keep you on so much suspense don’t I? I know. But a lot is happening in the world other than Judith’s reality tv show don’t you agree?

Last week a few Nigerian markets got burnt with goods and people in it, the life of Mr Soyombo the undercover journalist who went into the Nigerian prison system to expose anomalies is allegedly threatened, Sowore and his fellow activists who called for a revolution are still being held in custody many months later with a bail set higher than they can dream of and no one willing to stand surety because being a surety is seen equivalent to being against the Federal Government.

One of the Market fires that took lives.

What about killings and abduction of citizens by the terrorist group Boko Haram, kidnappers and rivalry cults? Well there was at least one of such news each day last week. Or is it the full border closure as it has led to increased food prices? Thank Goodness the alleged Port Harcourt serial killer has been arraigned in court(his story sounds like something out of a Sidney Sheldon novel). Let’s not forget the ritual killings whereby young men have been caught with the decapitated head of young girls in transit!

Nigerian Insurgents from google files

100 ways to die must include living in Nigeria don’t you think so? Well like I always say, one can choose to live in fear or choose to live boldly after taking all the appropriate precautions. Surely you do know I am in the latter category right? I live boldly.

Ok back to Judith;

Because of the spotting I was experiencing, I went to see a gynecologist. At first I assumed it was due to the sexual encounter I had with my husband as I hadn’t had sex with him since the day of conception till the day I returned from the service year. So we stopped having sex but the spotting didn’t stop.

Few days later my husband and I decided to travel to his parents, I must mention that Uncle Ex was out of a job at this time and we were barely making ends meet. We were not hungry though but we needed a job fast.

At the in laws I was treated as a queen, after all I was carrying their would have been first grand child. They even sold their dogs to have some spare cash!

Mother in law takes me to see a mid wife who ran a sort of maternity home, I began using some medications and traditional therapy to preserve the pregnancy I was carrying.

Something hilariously painful occurred at that maternity.

So Uncle Ex got to travel to base and leave me with his parents. In his absence got quite sick and was admitted at the maternity home. After being admitted for about a day with little stability, the matron, my mother in law and I were seated at her nursing station. She then asks me a few questions, one of which was; “when you are bathing, do you put your hand in your vagina to wash inside?” Well I answer in the negative.

A Nollywood film image that so reminds me of my story.

A few days later when I overhear this conversation from my father in law it is said in this manner; “you are among the spoilt girls that used to pleasure themselves” and then I remember an incident some days prior, I was in the bedroom with only a wrapper around my chest, the light bulb switched off and the fan blowing as I was enjoying a relaxing evening when he walks in, opens the shades, puts on the light and tells me that “a child of God doesn’t stay in darkness!”

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