Picture Story

I say to people, I won’t leave my children with baby sitters much especially my female children and as much as possible I would ensure their teachers and care givers are female (not like females can’t be pedophiles). And the people reply me and say; you are only bragging because you haven’t birthed them yet. And I say to them; this is the more reason why I should have and keep such standards! I have been trying to have children since 2008, where were you in 2008? Then when I do have them, I definitely will protect their sexual health from abuse with all the resources in my possession now won’t I?

Today is Tuesday, I need electricity restored in my home, spent the whole of yesterday trying to ensure that, today is another day. I got frozen food in my freezer that just must not go bad! Hahaha.

Which of my pages haven’t you followed? I won’t talk much of my child bearing(adventurous) journeyhere so visit my instagram page for this, its @mysurrogatetwins.

Instagram: @mysurrogatetwins
Facebook:@mysurrogatetwins, @astrongnigerianwoman
Twitter:@mysurrogatetwin, A Strong Nigerian Woman YouTube:A Strong Nigerian Woman

Pictures, Credited to my friend Adebara Adebimpe who works hard to protect the girl child rights.

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