Tongues are Not Biblical

Growing up in a catholic family, we never spoke in tongues. We prayed a lot though, most catholic families do. Morning devotion were a constant whenever we visited our paternal grandmother’s home. The Rosary and The Our Father and the Creed. My brother once suggested being a priest but I guess he grew up to like the fine things of life!

I got married to Uncle Ex who was from a background that believed nothing about tongues speaking. So we often had the biblical debate where we quoted the Bible to say that tongues should only be spoken in a congregation in the presence of an interpreter. I often wondered if I had a demon possession whenever I attended services where everyone falls under the anointing and I remain standing despite my willing myself to fall!

Then my marriage hit the rocks and I began to find Jesus for myself. I fasted and prayed for a marriage restoration until I forgot what I was praying for and began praying just to love God.

When one has a problem and knows that only God has the solution, they gravitate to Him logically and start seeking his face. When life seems to be going well, we tend to abandon our love for Christ.

This led me to grow so much in the things of the spirit, getting revelations like plain handwritings, dreams coming to pass etc. So one Saturday I was in the quiet of my room when I hear a voice in my heart telling me to fellowship at a particular church in a town closeby the next day. I had never been to that denomination, I also had preconceived notions about their mode of dressing and their head pastor.

I argued in my heart about this. Asked myself why go that far when the church also has a branch in the town I resided. Nonetheless the next morning I was in the church seated with the congregation attending the service but ready to criticize anything out of line.

Mid way through the beautiful service(I must add), the minister asks that first time visitors stand to introduce themselves. I was having none of that, actually I must confess I never do introduce myself in any Christian body I attend, I am not new to Christ and I don’t want to be bothered by the welcoming committee who check on new comers and try to make them “become their member.” So I didn’t join the band wagon of new comers who were chauffeured to the front roll as special guests.

Service over at last, time to sneak away from church then something goes dreadfully wrong.

The announcing minister says that all members are to break up into their units and have a special meeting towards an upcoming project, he further directed the usher to shut the main door and that no one was permitted to leave before the meetings were over.

What was I to do at this point?

I chose to do nothing. I sat still on my seat for a few minutes as everyone moved places around to go have the aforementioned meetings. The new comers were still seated in their honor seats but had the pastor talking with them at this point.

Soon a brother comes up to me and my cover gets bursted so I walk with my tail between my legs to go get my honor seat among the highly distinguished new comers.

The Pastor welcomes me warmly, the Pastor was female. She had a one on one conversation with me where she edified me and asked a few questions. One of the questions she asked was if I could speak in tongues and I replied in the negative. After discussing, she leads me in a prayer, she encourages me to open up my heart and my mouth to allow the tongues flow.

We then pray seated and holding hands. After the prayer she asks me if I spoke in tongues during the prayer, I replied in my normal blunt way saying; “if I did speak, wouldn’t you have heard me and confirmed it” She takes no offense, then goes further to tell me to continue my night prayers which I had mentioned to her, saying I would speak in tongues.I go home feeling critical of the church, telling myself they were fakes as I had thought.

That night, I wake up to pray and I am praying in Tongues!

Well what can I say? God works in mysterious ways. That’s was my tongue speaking Genesis.

It’s Sunday, hope you were/would be at a Christian assembly today? This new week shall bring us(me too Dey find) good things.

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