Aunty Linda.

Remember Linda from Linda’s Story?

Seems her keeping quiet at age six came back to hunt her. Her parents relocated from the city she grew up in search of greener pastures. She was the first of two siblings at this time, and her parents thought it was a wise idea to let her stay back with a trusted friend and his family.

They did it because they didn’t want to distort her schooling. And I wonder what rubbish schooling, she was only 8 years of age for crying out loud!

Her guardian on her part took her to an old woman to live with and help with chores, a sort of maid or helper to her(she had partial blindness). This woman was mean to her, she wouldn’t allow her play with other children and monitored her movements in a hawk like manner. She was always calling her by name to run one errand or the other.

She also didn’t allow her sleep in the same room as her, but made her sleep in a woman’s room in the next house. She slept there with two or three other girls who she suspect were child sex workers. At nights she would go there to sleep then return to her guardian’s the next morning to prepare for school.
One night while sleeping at her assigned sleeping spot, she was assaulted by the woman’s son and some elderly men. She felt someone trying to pull off her pant, opening her eyes she saw them, sat up and couldn’t sleep all that night. She stopped going there without telling her guardian why because she didn’t know how to voice out the incident. So she chose to sleep outside the room on the corridor.
When her parents heard of her ordeal they pleaded with the guardian to take her out of that place which she did.

She moved back in with the guardian but even there wasn’t safe because one afternoon while she was alone, three brothers who were co-tenants ambushed her and raped her!

She was barely 8 years of age and was gang raped! Like seriously, how do some men find that attractive?

This was the second time she was raped in her life. Apologies to you Linda but I begin to think why should only you have so much childhood sexual abuse? And she says this wasn’t the last time she was defiled.

Were her parents simply careless or do you believe in some people being jinxed?

Say no to Sexual Abuse, Rape and molestation of children and women and report to the appropriate authorities if you see or hear something, don’t be someone who is too concerned about minding their business that they are insensitive.

Hope you are enjoying a beautiful weekend maybe at a beach? I envy you if you are, would have thought of such a get away if only these rains would stop!

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