Service Year

In the Post titled Youth Corper, I told how I got reassigned to Lagos State for my one year service to my nation Nigeria. While in Lagos I lived with my mum, one of the few moments we really spent together discussing as mother to daughter.

As regards to job posting, I was assigned to a baby care range of products manufacturing company to serve in the technical department. The company was called Haco Industries. I mention them now though free advertising because they were good to me despite them being on hard times.

NYSC Scheme Objectives.

I worked with two other technicians and a Boss, basically it was our duty to ensure that the machines were in good order at all times. I had friends in the Quality Assurance department that I would spend my free time with in the lab or canteen.

The company was located at a considerate distance from my residence, and to save cost, I usually took a lift with a neighbor who drove that route daily with his family. Every morning on that ride, the wife would bring out a cooler of food and they would have breakfast in the car. She would normally offer me from the food by saying “come and eat” and I will say “No thank you.”

One day I ask them as they once again offered me their food, “how will it be if I said; bring the food and ate half of it?” Hahaha.

Because Uncle Ex lived in a different state, I travelled monthly to visit him and “take care” of him. I soon take in (get pregnant) close to the end of my service year. It was the first time I ever got pregnant in my life and it happened according to planning. I knew the exact day to “do the do” and I took in instantly.

Early pregnancy staying with mum was a bliss. She would Cook me water leaf soup and I loved it. I remember one episode of pregnancy symptoms where I took a ride as usual with the friendly couple only to need to stop half way to use the rest room. So they drop me off and I enter a fast food (Mr Biggs), use the rest room then buy chicken and eat there(pregnancy cravings), then vomited the chicken there again!

I return to my base after the service year and settled down for life, but barely had I returned did I start spotting (or bleeding lightly from the vagina). Then I had to go see a doctor…………….

Yeah, Thank God it’s Friday! By the way, the story of Linda continues tomorrow.

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