Go To School And Don’t Be Late!

I used to steal little things as a child, things like coins, small denominations, biscuits etc. I do remember my school bag when I was in primary school, it was red in color(my mum always insisted that red was my best color), I used to hide little stolen treasures in my can of counters, that was until my aunt caught me!

I was two classes ahead of my brother in primary school, Dad would most times take us to school, drop us close to the school but not at the gate due to little traffic from other kids being dropped off.

I will then hurry my brother up to go into the school gate while I got some snacks with monies he didn’t know I had. I always seemed to have money, looking back now I don’t know how that was possible.

I had this half cast friend in class who I used to share my goodies with, I hope she really was my friend and not because I always had snacks, I say this because we met up years later in secondary school and she made no attempt to keep in touch.

Now unto how I was caught. So my aunty comes visiting and decides to be so nice to wash my school bag and go through my things, she then runs into my Private stash which was well secured in my little lidded can that held my “counters”. That was how the cat came out of the bag and I got a life time lecture with a nickname!

The nickname originated from my brother’s lips, yes that same one that I locked in the fridge. When asked where he used to be when I spend my hidden treasures, he said “when daddy drops us off, she would say to me; GO TO SCHOOL AND DON’T BE LATE.”

Most children do steal growing up, but with the right education and discipline they get over it. Right now if I am over paid by a bank or a transporter, I usually do return the excess.

But when stealing is not nipped in the bud at home (charity begins at home), such kids become public figures who loot treasuries, the young person involved with internet fraud or armed robbery.

Stealing originates from not possessing contentment, it’s not a gift of God to some specific people, it’s a disciple that requires deliberate effort.

Today in whatever situation you find yourself, be thankful and contented, surely you do know it could have been worse! This doesn’t mean do nothing and wait for manna from heaven though! Work and aim higher, profits gotten legally are really sweet to the belly.

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