Sex For Grades

I saw a News report that broke last week in my country, Nigeria titled “Sex For Grades”, and watched with all hypocrisy the uproar it was causing as though it was something the public didn’t know existed.

So a documentary was made by an undercover reporter who posed as a 17 year old student to lecturers in certain selected universities in Nigeria and Ghana. The reporter was able to get at least two lecturers to be comfortable enough in her presence to make advances on her in promise of academic gains.

One of the lecturers in question was so raw in speech saying so many vulgar things and the most disturbing thing about him was that he was a church pastor and he even forced his “to be victim” to say a prayer with him while he was making advances at her!

The good thing about this whole saga was that two bad eggs were removed from the system and other bad eggs may detest for some time.

But seriously this is not news in our academic system. We all knew this was happening. Why are we suddenly feigning surprise?

When I was in University, I got approached by 3 lecturers who I had courses with. It wasn’t a pleasant experience and my refusal got me bad grades in their courses.

There were also two ladies I knew of in my institution who were bold enough to set up the lecturers who victimized them hence got them sacked.

One I never knew by name, After constant harassment by a lecturer, she got the assistance of the school security body who helped her catch him red handed. So she agreed to an hotel date with him, in the hotel room, once they had gotten comfortable, she requested to call her roommate to let her know she wouldn’t be coming home that night. Well her room mate happened to be the the security officer and that was the code they had planned to use in advance to indicate that the man was already totally undressed. A few minutes later security officers force open the hotel door and boom he was caught in a compromising situation. He was prosecuted thou he tried to argue it as consensual sex. Gratefully he lost his appeal.

The second lady bore my name, much coincidence as she was a student in my faculty after I had graduated. I got to know about her case from a video that trended online. In the video it was seen that the lecturer in question had come to her apartment to collect his “dues” and she had encouraged him on till he had gotten undressed to only his briefs then she had his clothes seized and locked him in then called a crowd to come record and woo the fallen strongman. It was also seen that they forced him to write a check to them of a certain amount before he was let go. It was later rumored that the architect of this video ie my namesake never graduated from that institution.

So we all know it happens, the question is what are we going to do about it? We can’t just talk about things as they trend then move on to the next trending thing, surely something can be done! Let’s talk about this in the comments today.

It’s Monday, What goals have for this week? Write them down so you can cross them out one by one.

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