Pastor 2!

Miracle seekers easily fall into the deception of false prophets

My ex Husband absconded after more than 4 years married. When family intervention failed to avail a reconciliation, I turned to God Who is the author of marriage.

So I began to fast and pray so much that I dropped from a size 16 dress to a size 8 dress. That was when a colleague of blessed memory, introduced me to Pastor 1.

I actually want to talk of Pastor 2 today, will go back to pastor 1 another day. So Pastor 1 gave me a prayer point that I was supposed to pray at night under the moonlight for 7 days. One morning after a night prayer as prescribed, a neighbor in my compound comes up to me. He says to me; “sorry to meddle but I heard your prayers last night and I couldn’t help but interfere. If you don’t mind, I will like to take you to a pastor I know and trust……….”

That was how I followed him to Pastor 2. I followed him more out of respect to his person than anything else. So we got to the house of Pastor 2, he lived in a bungalow type of building with rooms at both sides and a long corridor in between, they was also a balcony entrance. This type of building plan is usually called “Face me, I Face you” by my local people.

We met him in one of the single rooms at the end of the bungalow which had been arranged like an office, we took our seats and discussed my issues which were basically that I wanted my then separated husband to come back to me. We ended the meeting with him telling me to come with a picture of my husband the next morning at 6am.

At 6am the next morning, I was yet to hail a bike to convey me to the Pastor’s house because I woke late. I also had to get ready for work. I worked as an engineer in a Cement manufacturing company in a small town where the company I worked in was the life line of the commerce of that village. Hence engineers like me especially if they weren’t indigenous to that community were accorded a certain respect.

At about 6:30am however I hailed a bike to the the Pastor’s house. I got there at about 7am to meet a crowd seated on the balcony and corridor. I saw the Pastor walking on the balcony, presumably preaching, he sees me alight the bike, then walks back into the corridor still preaching. I didn’t expect there to be a service that morning, he gave me no clue when we met the previous day. Nonetheless I hurriedly found a spot to sit on the balcony.

I was dressed in boots, and the uniform of my company and probably held an helmet as I intended to go to work after dropping off the picture. Every other person was dressed casually in comfortable wrappers and blouses, they were mostly older women and non educated simple ladies with their little ones.

I had hardly caught my breath when I heard the Pastor say (Claiming it was a revelation/prophecy); “there is a woman here, you came with a picture of a man…….” I was so upset! Like what? You asked me to bring this picture, this is no act of revelation!

I had no intention of standing up to give credence to such fraud but I had the photograph in my hands without a cover so the old lady beside me nudges me and say “no be you dey hold picture?” I wished the ground could open and swallow me that moment!

So despite my burning anger, I stand up and make my way to Pastor 2 along the corridor with my very engineering look, which further hypes the Pastor’s reputation and women began clapping and chatting in loud voices. I answered his questions(which he already knew all the answers to by the way), and knelt for a prayer while fuming inside. After the prayer he asks for the picture in my possession and takes it from me. The service rounds up and I leave to work. The next day however I return and request my picture back. That was when I saw Pastor 2 last, though he had the effrontery to call me to check on me about 6 months later.

Well it is Sunday again. Go find Jesus for your self, don’t let any Pastor 2 use you to shine!

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