Linda’s Story

Today I will share part of a “True Story” sent in by my friend. She chooses not to disclose her identity, so I will call her Linda.

Linda is a friend of mine who was motivated by the stories I shared to speak up and tell her story. I am hoping that the stories shared on this blog will do more than entertain. I believe they will touch lives and heal souls.


As a young girl, going to school for the first time was a big dream, but on the day I was to be registered, I was turned down. I was 6 years of age. I wasn’t admitted because judging by my height alone, it was assumed that my birth certificate was forged and I was not as old as my mother said I was.
So my parents enrolled me at a nearby tutorial class (Jele osinmi…in Yoruba language).

I was happy, I started learning, going out in the morning with books and pencils as other children and returning home in the afternoon.

One day, a friend of mine called Fatima (she lived in an adjacent building to ours) called me aside to tell me her experience with the bricklayer working on a house close to the tutorial center. She told me how the man had touched (defiled) her and told her not to tell anyone else she would die. I became very scared and felt sorry for her. I never knew I was the next victim.

One day as I was playing around the tutorial venue, He came out of his house and beckoned me in. Fearfully I obliged.

When I got in, he set my back towards the wall and pulled off my panties while covering my mouth with his other hand. He brought out his “Piri”(Manhood, it was the first time I saw an adult penis), then parted my legs and put the “big thing inside”. I felt pain but I was only six years old, I didn’t know what that pain meant. After some thrusting, he sets me free then I see him lick some blood off his Piri. He then tells me not to tell anyone otherwise I would die.

I put my pants on and ran home. Who should I tell? Mom or dad? What would happen if I told them? Fatima was also told not to tell and she wasn’t telling, why should I?
Guess this was when I lost my virginity? Well I don’t know because this was simply the first of many encounters I faced and told no one.


I must tell you that story really moved me. Linda is really a bold lady for choosing to share her story. I wonder if she remained friends with Fatima and knows how child sexual abuse affected her and how she is faring now?

I wonder what different thing Linda’s Parents could have done to protect her considering their low income level.

I am also wondering what became of Uncle bricklayer and if he is still peddling his trade till this age.

I may wonder those questions for long or Linda may simply supply the answers, either way what I am sure is this;

1. Parents Should give their children sexual education early, the should be close enough to have their children confide in them and not leave little children to go to and fro school by themselves without a trusted escort.

Early Sexual Education is Necessary.


3. Neighbors and citizens should be more concerned and more forth coming with information to protect lives.

4. Well, And you reading this, be neither a Pedophile nor a person who doesn’t protect a child, protecting sexual offenders.

My work is done for today. Tomorrow is Sunday so expect something Savvy!

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