Youth Corper

I was listed for National Youth Service(NYSC), in the first year of my marriage. I had only just graduated when I got married.

I resumed camp in Anambra state. I had only been to Onitsha in Anambra state and then only once. I was in Onitsha Market to purchase a heating element which I needed to fabricate a “Protein Digester” for my final year project, which I did all by myself despite having a project partner. My project partner was the total opposite of the Bookworm and had no interest whatsoever in academics. He couldn’t even say a word while we defended the project! Gratefully we still got a B in the project.

I arrived at Camp a day into Camp, Camp was a boarding school complex on the outskirts of town used for NYSC during holidays. I was checked in and registered. The ladies were subjected to pregnancy tests to reduce the risks of ill health during trainings.

The pregnancy testing however was sabotaged as pregnant ladies began begging or buying urine from non pregnant colleagues in order not to be disqualified and have to reschedule camp months later.

I wasn’t pregnant then so I was good.(I actually didn’t want to take in till I got a job after my service year.) I was allocated my a bunk space in a crowded dorm with make shift rest rooms. My bunk mate from camp has remained my close friend till date.

The next day we were assigned Platoons. Platoons are subdivisions through which trainings, exercises and games were carried out. Camp was fun. I avoided the “Endurance Trek” with the usual Asthma excuse and spent that day sleeping. There was also the maami market which was just the camp market where we went to shop, eat or relax.

There were stories of Corpers sneaking to date the military men who were in charge of the Platoons. Stories of married corpers who had flings while in camp. I was just interested in breakfast, lunch and dinner! Oh and in the monthly allowance. Hahaha

Towards the end of Camp(usually a 3week period, though mine was 2weeks), we were given a chance to appeal posting locations or state relocations on the basis of things such as ill health or marriage (as they try to encourage marriages). Since I was married I was given this privilege too. But rather than direct my reposting to the state my husband resided, I directed it to the state my mother resided because she resided in a Mega City and I was considering job prospects after the service year. This didn’t please Uncle Ex one bit.

I received the news of the passing away of my 4year old cousin during this period. He was a well loved young lad, he was of the SS genotype. He had gotten so much pain in his short time on earth that he actually began to request to be taken to the hospital when sick, a thing kids around here dread!

Camp over, I got reassigned to the Mega City of Lagos. I first travel back home to spend some quality time with Uncle Ex before Resuming in Lagos.

It’s Friday! How are you spending your weekend? However you do it, do it responsibly. I am tired of reading stories of people returning from clubs early Saturday mornings and running into parked trucks and loosing their lives.

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