Stingy Koko


As a small child , I was very selfish, always grabbing the best for myself.

Slowly, everyone left me and I had no friends. I didn’t think it was my fault and I criticized others.

But my father gave me 3 sentences to help me in life.

One day, my father served 2 bowls of noodles on the table. One had an egg on top while the other bowl had none on top.

Then he asked me to choose a bowl of noodles.

Because eggs were hard to come by those days, I chose the bowl with egg!

I congratulated myself on my wise choice and decided to wallop the egg. To my surprise, I saw that my father’s bowl of noodles had two eggs beneath the noodles!

With much regret, I scolded myself for being too hasty in my decision.

My father smiled and taught me to;

Remember that what your eyes see may not be true. He added that, If you make a habit of taking advantage of people, you will end up losing.

The next day, my father served another 2 bowls of noodles: one bowl with an egg on top and the other bowl with no egg on top.

Again, he asked me to choose the bowl I wanted.

This time, I felt I knew what he was up to, so I chose the bowl without any egg on top.

To my surprise, there was not a single egg in the meal, top or bottom!

Again, my father smiled and said to me,

My child, you must not always rely on your experiences because sometimes, life can cheat you or play tricks on you. Never be too annoyed or sad, with outcomes, just treat experiences as learning a lesson that cannot be gotten from any textbook.

The third day, my father once again cooked 2 bowls of noodles, one bowl with an egg on top and the other with no egg on top.

He asked me to choose the bowl I wanted.

But this time, I told my father, Dad, you choose first. You are the head of the family and you contribute the most to the family.

My father was very happy and he chose for me.

He chose the bowl with one egg on top. But as I ate my bowl of noodles, to my surprise, there were two eggs at the bottom of the bowl.

My father smiled at me with love in his eyes. He said;

My child, you must remember that when you think of the good of others, good things will always naturally happen to you.

I always remember these 3 sentences of my father.

THE END!!!!! (Hahaha)

He who wants friends must show himself friendly. A selfish person is never truly happy. Wealth or affluence doesn’t equate happiness. You don’t have to be wealthy to be considerate, it starts with the little you have per time. Everyone has something to give or share. Sometimes it just might be a smile or taking out time to chat with a complete stranger.

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